Well this certainly did not take long.  A day after we launched our new GENIO brand, we are already sending our first GENIO Still 500 on a journey to a very nice distillery in scenic Montana.  Montana is home to some of the most wonderful national parks in the world, including Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, just to name a few.

It was a happy day to see one of our stills leave our shop floor and start its voyage across the Atlantic to its new owner.  We are confident the new owner will take good care of it, and will perform regular wash cycles to make sure the stainless SPP and copper basket remain shiny for all their spirit runs.

We are very excited to have a returning customer upgrade to a larger still and be the first one to take advantage of our still buy-back program.

In short, we would like to wish our first GENIO Still 500 (aka G-Still 500):


You will be missed.

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