If you want to become a craft distiller, without starting a distillery, then you’re in luck.  Niagara College is launching a distilling program in a 2,000 square-foot teaching distillery, scheduled to begin in fall 2017.  This will be in addition to their already established wine making course and brewmaster course.  The teaching distillery will be the first of its kind in Canada and will be located in the heart of alcohol making of Canada, aka Niagara’s wine region.

One of the greatest challenges of becoming a distiller is gaining the knowledge, which usually comes with working at or starting a distillery.  By obtaining technical training first, one is better able to jump into the industry faster and with more confidence and less prone to making rookie mistakes.

The program will start accepting applications in February 2017 and will accept 20 students according to the college’s website:


So if you are looking for a career change and are thinking of starting a distillery, what better way than to spend a year in Canada’s beautiful Niagara Region and learn the art of distilling from industry experts.

Happy studying!