Hello and welcome to our very first blog post.

Who are we? Why GENIO? Where have we been? What is our goal?

These are all expected questions we hope to answer for you here.

To start, we are a small group of individuals passionate about making alcohol and distilling equipment, with outside of the box kind of thinking… we consider ourselves distilling geeks.

We are based out of Poland, and we spend almost all of our time thinking about how to improve the distillation process.  We spend every waking moment working on improving our equipment, and we utilize a network of showrooms across the world with craft distillers eager to share their experience with anyone interested to hear it.

Why GENIO? What does it mean? Well, the literal translation of GENIO is “Genius” when translated from Spanish or Italian, with a slightly different pronunciation in both languages, so however you pronounce it, it will likely be appropriate in one of those languages.  Trust us, it is hard to mess it up.

The definition of “Genius” is a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.  Based on that definition, you could consider most craft/artisan distillers to be geniuses of distilling, as they are exceptionally intelligent OR creative in the art of making spirits.  None of us considers ourselves to be a genius, but it is our collective wealth of knowledge in various fields of study, such as physics, electronics, computer programming, robotics, visual arts and distilling, which gives us an edge over other still manufacturers and ability for us to generate greater value for our customers.

Why did we pick GENIO to be our company name? We wanted to select a name that is short, simple, and conveyed intelligence.  What does intelligence and distilling equipment have in common? Usually not much; the distiller is generally the one possessing all the skills and expertise.  However, our goal is to design and build smart, algorithm enabled computer controlled distillation equipment that will assist even the most expert artisan distillers in obtaining the most amount of control and as much or as little automation as one chooses. So essentially we create intelligent distilling equipment, hence our slogan “Distilling Intelligence” (not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence or AI), and hence our name GENIO.

Where have we been? We have been operating through distribution channels in the past that have proven not to be conducive to our long term vision for our company.  Our company had been originally founded back in 2008, but has now been rebranded, to fit with the objective the company’s original founder had envisioned.  Which brings us to the next question.

What is our goal? This a fully loaded question.  We will answer it very briefly here, but we will dive into it in more depth in our next blog post.  In short, we try to break the boundaries of what is expected in an industry that has been fairly unchanged for the past century with regards to distilling equipment. We strive to design and manufacture in-house distilling equipment that is forward thinking.

Please stay tuned for “What is our VISION” in our next blog post.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us in our virtual/electronic form and we are confident we will get a chance to meet with each one of you in our protein forms in the near future.

Best Regards from the GENIO team.