We are in ARTISAN SPIRIT magazine’s FALL 2016 issue!!! Not as an advertiser but in an ARTICLE recognizing“The Man” (aka Cezary the Genius) behind “The Machine” (aka GENIO Still).  The article is called “THINKING OUT OF THE BOX AND INTO THE BOTTLE – THE GENIO STILL” written by Harry Haller.

We are extremely excited to be featured in a magazine for craft distillers and their fans in America.  A true honour for the company’s founder Cezary Trzciński to be recognized for his contribution to the craft distilling scene by industry experts.

We really enjoyed the author’s comparison of our GENIO Still in appearance to a Sputnik (Russian satellite)… this just confirms that OUR STILLS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD!

You can obtain a free copy of the Artisan Spirit magazine for your enjoyment at the link below… just skip to page 106 for our favorite article.  ENJOY!