When one decides to leave a well paying corporate job to pursue their passion, they generally don’t do it for the initial potential monetary gain, but rather for the satisfaction of doing what they enjoy and doing something that challenges them to think outside of the box.  Most craft distillers can relate to this, as they often have abandoned their established career path to pursue their dream of making craft spirits. That is exactly what the founder of GENIO did over eight years ago.  When he told his friends and family that he is going to start making stills out of his garage and selling them, everyone thought he lost his mind.  Fast forward eight years, and he is now building incredibly advanced stills and has customers all over the world.  That is what dreams and true passion are all about.

To allow a business to flourish, certain standards need to be established.  They are generally in the form of a vision and mission statement… what is the difference you ask? Well, a vision statement expresses company’s reason for existence and what their prime goal is, whereas a mission statement specifies the company’s plans to realize the vision by identifying the target audience, products and services, and values of the company.  We will first identify our mission statement and then conclude with what our vision statement is.

The reason why we build distilling equipment is simply because we love it.  We love solving problems surrounding efficient alcohol production.  We did not get into the still building business to resell Chinese made stills or to make incredibly expensive shiny stills that are not attainable by the less wealthy distillers and also not very efficient.  What we want to do and are already doing is building distilling equipment that is efficient, forward thinking, and affordable.  We believe our stills provide the best value for the price you pay, and just to clarify, price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Although our stills and products in our portfolio could be regarded as incredibly efficient, forward thinking and of great value, it would not mean much if we did not provide great customer service.  We have seen this too many times ourselves (speaking as a distiller from my own experience), where we would contact a still supplier and they did not have time for us, or after the sale they all of the sudden were unattainable, or they are a single person operation and when they go on vacation you no longer can obtain service from them. So our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations… but how? Glad you asked.

Firstly, we have setup GENIO showrooms in Europe, Australia, Canada and US.  These showrooms are operating distilleries and our GENIO representatives are skilled distillers, keen on sharing their knowledge and experiences.  This will allow us to better serve our customers by providing them access to communicate with real distillers rather than “salesman”.

Secondly, our products will come with a 24-month warranty, which likely isn’t all that special.  It seems to be the norm.  How we intend to differentiate on this front, is on our timeliness of responding to service calls.  Our goal is to respond to all service requests within 24 hours and hopefully same day if not immediately.  If necessary, a Skype call can be arranged with the GENIO representative to troubleshoot an issue.  If a part needs to be replaced, our goal is to courier the part ASAP.  We know the still is the work horse for a distillery and any downtime is unacceptable.

Thirdly, we offer a no questions asked full refund for any customer that is not happy with their purchase within two weeks of obtaining the still.

Lastly, we will offer to purchase your still back from you when you want to upgrade to a larger or newer still with us.  Not sure if other still manufacturers offer such a perk.

Please contact a GENIO representative to obtain additional details regarding our warranty, returns and refunds, as well as our still buy-back option.

So what is our vision in summary? We want to build kick-ass distilling equipment that challenges the norm.  We want to provide unparalleled customer service.  We want GENIO to be the new standard of awesomeness among still manufacturers.  We want to be the Tesla of car manufacturers and Apple of computers, and maybe even better if that is possible.

We know talk is cheap and we have set our standards fairly high, but we are up for the challenge and hope we can make every distiller’s life a bit easier out there one distiller at a time.

Na zdrowie! (cheers in Polish)