Yes, that is a photo recently taken by one of our GENIO customers at very high altitude. They were having issues with their previous still, as it had a hard time reaching 95% ABV, largely due to elevation issues.  This particular customer resides at an elevation in excess of 3,000 feet above sea level, and at that elevation the air pressure is significantly lower and affects distillation parameters.

To compensate for the effects of decreased atmospheric pressure, GENIO stills have a very sensitive ambient air pressure sensor, which sends information to the GENIO computer.  The GENIO computer using its algorithm, compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as air pressure sensors present in the column along with temperature sensors and adjusts heating power and also needle valve opening and closing to ensure there is only ABV in excess of 95% being collected in the head of the column before being released to the collection vessel.

Picture of ambient air pressure sensor.

Ambient air pressure sensors come standard on all GENIO Stills.

Just another innovation by GENIO Distilling Intelligence.