Accessories for distillation units

Accessories for distillation units are essential components that can significantly affect the quality and efficiency of the distillation process. Among them are copper catalysts, which help purify the distillate of unwanted compounds, and heating power regulators, which enable precise control of the process. In addition, filling cleaning kits are invaluable in keeping the distillation column in perfect working order, which guarantees the reproducibility and stability of the distillation process.

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Return of accessories for distillation units

The return of a flavored alcohol distillation equipment subjects to the rules set forth in the regulations on returns and complaints. A consumer who has purchased such a product may exercise the right of return in the event that the device is defective, does not conform to the manufacturer's declarations, or does not perform its functions as intended.

Payment for accessories for distillation units

The online store provides customers with a variety of payment options for convenient shopping, including purchases related to flavored or pure alcohol distillation equipment. Available payment methods include:

a) Payment by bank transfer to the account indicated by the Seller:

The customer can use the traditional form of payment by making a wire transfer to the account indicated by the Seller. This method allows flexible payment for the order, which includes the purchase of a flavored alcohol distillation equipment.

b) Via PayPal (extra charge option - 5% of the order value)

Customers preferring online payments, can use PayPal to facilitate secure and fast transactions. It is worth noting, however, that using this option involves an additional cost of 5% of the order value. This option also covers the purchase of distillation equipment accessories available at the store.

These available payment methods are designed to provide customers with maximum convenience and flexibility when making transactions, including the purchase of specialized equipment such as distillation equipment accessories.

Claims of accessories for distillation units

The owner of the store, taking care of the customer's satisfaction, undertakes to effectively consider any complaint within 14 days of its notification. In the event that a complaint would require a longer period of time for processing, the customer will be immediately informed of the expected waiting time, but no later than 14 days from the date of notification. This procedure also covers purchased accessories for distillation equipment, guaranteeing comprehensive complaint handling. In the content of the complaint, the customer is required to provide his name, mailing address, as well as a detailed description of the type and date of the irregularity related to the functioning of the Store. This process also applies to purchases related to alcohol distillation equipment.