Automatic distillation unit for flavored alcohol Genio Still ODG2 250L


The Genio Still ODG2 250L is an advanced oil-jacketed distiller designed for the production of flavored spirits with specific strengths range from 50% to 80% and exceptionally rich flavors, such as whiskey, rum, bourbon and gin. This multifunctional and fully automated distiller allows distillation with solids, such as fruits and grains, making it ideal for producing a variety of spirits. With the addition of an additional element – a gin basket – all flavored spirits can be obtained, for example, gin, whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila, or brandy.

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The Genio Still ODG2 250L is the perfect Still for enthusiasts of producing spirits with rich flavor. Thanks to its oil jacket, precise regulators and innovative solutions, this distiller meets the expectations of even the most demanding distillers, enabling the creation of unique and high-quality spirits. It’s a versatile tool that will work perfectly in the hands of creative producers.

Basic Features of Genio Still ODG2 250L:

Use of Oil Jacket:

  • The distiller uses an oil as a heat source, which allows for gentle and even heating of the distillate. This is crucial for producing spirits with rich flavor.

Distillation with Solids:

  • Ideal for distilling with solids, such as fruits and grains, enabling the production of whiskeys with unique character. Allows distillation of batches with solids, and prevents the possible burning of the batch which will not transmit the taste of burning to the final product

Versatility of Distillation:

  • The distiller allows for the production of different types of alcohols up to 80% ABV, perfectly adapting to the needs of the producer. Our ODG2 distillers are equipped with an automatic dephlegmator, which allows you to select the desired alcohol strength range for producing flavor-rich alcohols such as:

50% to 60% ABV

60% to 70% ABV

70% to 80% ABV

Automatic Chilled Water Flow Controller:

  • An automated cooling water flow control system that significantly reduces water consumption while providing efficient cooling.

Deflegmator with Alcohol Power Range:

  • Equipped with an automatic deflegmator that allows you to adjust the alcohol power range for your production, allowing you to control the flavor characteristics of the distillate.

Copper Plates in Column:

  • The distillation column has copper plates surrounded by glass, making it easier to observe the distillation process.

CIP Spray Balls:

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) spray balls installed on each plate facilitate easy and effective cleaning.