Automatic distillation unit for flavored alcohol Genio Still ODG2 750L


The Genio Still ERG2 750L is an advanced and fully automated distillation unit designed for professional producers looking for excellent quality distillate with alcohol content above 96%. This distiller offers innovative solutions that perfectly optimize the distillation process, ensuring high efficiency and economy.

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The Genio Still ODG2 750L is a Still that meets the needs of large-scale professional liquor producers. Utilizing an advanced oil mantle system, the distiller provides gentle and even heating of the distillate, which is crucial for obtaining liquors with exceptionally rich flavor and aroma.

Its impressive 750-liter capacity opens up new possibilities in the production of a variety of spirits, from whiskey to rum, allowing producers to tailor the distillation process to their individual needs. The distiller also allows distillation with solids, such as fruits and grains, creating a wide range of possibilities for experimentation and creating unique spirits.

With an automatic dephlegmator and cooling water flow regulator, the Genio Still ODG2 750L allows precise control over the distillation process for optimal flavor and aroma results. In addition, an automatic deflegmator allows you to adjust the alcohol strength range for production, which is important for obtaining the desired distillate characteristics.

A distillation column equipped with copper plates surrounded by glass makes it easy to observe the distillation process, and Clean-In-Place (CIP) spray balls ensure efficient and easy cleaning of the distiller, maintaining high hygiene standards. The Genio Still ODG2 750L is a comprehensive tool for professional producers who aim to produce the highest quality spirits on a large scale.

Basic features of the Genio Still 750L distillation unit:

Use of Oil Jacket:

  • The distiller uses an oil jacket as the main heat source, providing gentle and even heating of the distillate, which is crucial for producing rich-tasting alcohols.

Distillation with Solids:

  • Ideal for distilling with solids, such as fruits and grains, enabling the production of spirits with unique character. Allows distillation of batches with solids, minimizing the risk of burning, which benefits the final taste of the product.

Versatility of Distillation:

  • The distiller allows the production of different types of spirits with varying concentrations up to 80% ABV, flexibly adapting to the individual preferences of the producer. Thanks to an automatic dephlegmator, it is possible to select a range of alcohol strengths to produce rich-tasting spirits with the right flavor profile.

Automatic Chilled Water Flow Controller:

  • The automated cooling water flow control system significantly reduces water consumption while ensuring efficient cooling of the distiller, resulting in an efficient distillation process

Deflegmator with Alcohol Power Range:

  • Equipped with an automatic deflegmator that allows you to adjust the alcohol power range for your production, providing control over the flavor characteristics of the distillate to produce excellent quality spirits with a variety of aromas and flavors

Copper Plates in the Column:

  • The distillation column is equipped with copper plates surrounded by glass, which not only adds to the aesthetics, but also makes it easier to observe the distillation process. This allows the producer to follow each stage of distillation and monitor the quality of the resulting distillate.

CIP Spray Balls:

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) spray balls installed on each plate facilitate the effective cleaning of the distiller. They make the cleaning process simple and efficient, helping to maintain high standards of hygiene during alcohol production.