Directly Heated G-Still ERG2 for Neutral 96% abv alcohol production:

This neutral spirit still, has an insulated tank for energy-saving efficiency with stainless steel cladding, an automated rectification column capable of producing 95% ABV spirit at an average rate of 15L per hour or 96% ABV spirit at an average rate of 12L per hour, 18kW power supply unit 400V or 208V 3-phase power, touch-screen computer controls, automated cooling water flow controller, an automated parrot with 3 spouts for heads-hearts-tails.

This is a directly heated still that can only distill either stripped alcohol or clear fermented liquids (with no solids in them like grains or fruit peels) as heating elements are directly in the tank.  Solids would scorch and burn on the heating elements creating off flavours and causing heating elements to fail prematurely.

96%+ ABV spirit at an average rate of 12L per hour
Tank operating capacity
From first to last drop

Heads – Hearts – Tails separator Three solenoid valves controlled by the computer, to separate Heads / Hearts / Tails into THREE separate collection vessels using THREE separate spouts. Previous version had only TWO spouts, one for Heads/Tails and the second for hearts.

A new type of tank (insulated and SS cladding) with a sloped flat bottom, new heating elements with improved heat distribution (25% faster heat-up time), patent-pending interior component production speed will be 20% faster and can continue +96% hearts collection until 3% alc./vol. remaining in tank rather than 5% alc./vol.)

SPP is made of stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.18 mm and the prismatic rings have a diameter of 4.3 x 4.3 mm. SPP is improved packing originally derived from Raschig rings, and currently provides the best column packing material available with regards to the density of packing material and relation to passing vapor resistance.

Automated water flow controller with thermostat and variable ball valve controlled by a computer (instead of manual before), new water lines, and connections to accommodate new parts. This is a very beneficial upgrade to distilleries using city water for cooling. Closed-loop systems and glycol cooling systems will not benefit from this upgrade

20 cm main manhole which will improve filling the boiler with the batch.

2′ batch drain valve for draining the liquid after the process

A copper Basket is a section filled with copper,  which acts as a sulfur neutralizer if any is present from the fermentation process.

New extension to existing primary condenser for better utilization of cooling water (output temp of cooling water approximately 75°C vs 50°C before).