• State of the art distillation still, capable of producing pure alcohol in excess of 95% ABV or taste rich alcohols using the pot still distillation feature.  The still is ideal for recipe development by craft distillers, which can subsequently be replicated on a larger GENIO still for commercial production.

  • Forward thinking distillation still, with similar technical features as the GENIO Still 50, but with a bigger 100L tank.  The larger tank is perfect of artisan distillers wanting greater amount of alcohol to be produced in a single run for research and development.

  • Innovative distillation still, intended for commercial production of spirits in craft distilleries wanting ultimate control and versatility from their still.  The still is capable of performing fully automated distillation runs, or provide manual control for the most demanding artisan distillers.

  • The largest of the GENIO series stills, providing ultimate control and efficiency.  Majority of the still’s features are the same as of the GENIO Still 250, with the exception of the bigger tank.  The GENIO Still 500 is intended for larger micro-distilleries wanting to produce greater amounts of alcohol in one distillation run.