Genio Still ERG2 250L

Genio Still ERG2 250L

21 000

Genio Still 250L Rectyfication still is a device specified to get pure and concentrated distillate of up to 96% ABV. The use of the SPP allows us to minimize the size of the still, reducing operating cost, while obtaining maximum amount of distillate.



This neutral spirit still, has an insulated tank for energy-saving efficiency with stainless steel cladding, automated rectification column capable of producing 95% ABV spirit at an average rate of 15L per hour or 96% ABV spirit at an average rate of 12L per hour, 18kW power supply unit 400V or 208V 3-phase power, touch-screen computer controls, automated cooling water flow controller, an automated parrot with 3 spouts for heads-hearts-tails


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