GENIO delivers ground-breaking innovation to the world of traditional distilling that has yet to see much advancement since the 19th century. Our algorithm enhanced equipment is ideal for artisan distillers wanting the utmost in precision and control to produce their spirit of choice.

Our user-friendly touch screen computer allows the distiller to select several distillation parameters, including separation of heads, hearts and tails. GENIO’s state-of-the-art column head design enables the distiller to extract 95% ABV from any batch, from the first to the last drop. Intelligent stills for intelligent distillers.

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Our objective

To offer intelligent distillation equipment to assist MICRO distilleries with MACRO ideas

Intelligent distiller

  • Spend less time watching temperature gauges and more time on operating your distillery
  • Rest assured each distillation run will be performed by the most intelligent distiller

Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Computer-control power saving
  • Reduced cooling water use through innovative column head design

95% ABV from first to last drop

  • Computer controlled distillation ensures 95% ABV can be obtained each and every time in Pure distillation mode
  • Lower ABV is also attainable in Pot distillation mode

Revolutionary column head design

  • Fastest production output for a column still of its size
  • Arguably the most radical change in distilling since the invention of the continuous still in 1840

Touch screen computer control

  • Controll All Variables
  • Consider Atmospheric Pressure

Handcrafted stills

  • Made in EU
  • Bespoke electronic integration

A few GENIO Still features:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Algorithm enabled automation

  • Accurate and adjustable cuts for heads, hearts and tails collection

  • Automated or manual control options

  • Multipurpose still capable of making any alcohol

  • Pure Distillation Mode > 95% ABV

  • Pot Still Distillation Mode for taste rich alcohols

  • Free updates & support

  • 24-month warranty

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