Distillation unit for pure alcohol Genio Still ERG2 2000L


The Genio Still ERG2 2000L is an advanced distillation equipment created for producers looking for excellent quality distillate with alcohol content above 96%. It offers innovative solutions that perfectly optimize the distillation process, ensuring high efficiency and economy.

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Genio Still ERG2 2000L is a distillation equipment that will meet the expectations of the most demanding producers who need an efficient and advanced tool to achieve excellent distillate quality. With innovative solutions, automated controls and advanced design elements, this Still allows you to achieve the highest quality distillate while increasing efficiency and saving money. It is the ideal tool for professional distillers who strive to produce the highest quality neutral spirit in large quantities.

Basic Features of Genio Still ERG2 2000L:

SPP Rectification Column:

  • Minimizes the size of the apparatus, resulting in reduced operating costs, while providing pure distillate with an alcohol content of more than 96%.

New SS Insulated Tank Type:

  • Features stainless steel insulation and a sloped flat bottom for efficient distillate collection, increasing distillation efficiency.

Heating Elements with Improved Heat Distribution:

  • Reduce heating time by 25% for distillation efficiency.

Automated Rectification Column:

  • Capable of producing 95% abv pure alcohol at a rate of 50 liters per hour or 96% abv spirit at a rate of 40 liters per hour, highlighting the versatility of the apparatus.

Automated Water Flow Controller:

  • A computerized cooling water flow controller provides water savings of between 6-7L/min, a significant reduction in water consumption.

New Condenser:

  • Provides better use of cooling water, resulting in distillation efficiency.

Alcohol distributor with three solenoid valves:

  • Innovative design with three separate valves that allows precise separation of heads, hearts and tails into three separate collection vessels.

Stainless Steel Wire SPP:

  • Spiral Prismatic Packing made of stainless steel wire provides the best column fill material available.

Two top hatches and side hatch:

  • Two large top hatches for easy batch pouring and an additional side hatch for cleaning the tank after distillation.